002: Guest J.Michael Collins - Script Prep, Delivering Raw vs. Processed Audio, Marketing Systems & a Mock Audition

On Episode 2, we're joined by guest co-host J.Michael Collins. With over twenty years of experience as a professional voice actor, J.Michael Collins has worked with some of the biggest companies, brands, sports leagues, and organizations on the planet. In addition to his work in the classic, agency-based world of VO, J. Michael has established himself as the leading authority and top-grossing talent in the online marketplace and has become recognized as an industry leading talent coach and demo producer as well. J. Michael was the winner of the 2016 VoiceArts Awards for Outstanding Radio Commercial-Best Voiceover, Outstanding Political Announcement-Best Voiceover, and was the producer of 2016’s Outstanding Narration Demo.

J.Michael Collins Voice-Over



00:02:09 - Interview with J.Michael Collins

00:32:24 - Performance Question: What kind of script preparation should I do before recording an audition or project? How many times should I read it, what kind of notes or markings should I make, what research should I do, etc…? How long should be spent on each audition?

00:38:47 - Audio Question: Should I be delivering just the raw audio, or should I be doing some sort of post-processing before delivering an audition or project?

00:41:20 - Business Question: I'm always seeking additional help with marketing.  Is there a system or format that you recommend? What are some good practices for staying in touch with clients and prospects?

00:51:18 - Mock Auditions


Mock Audition

Winner: Peter Stern

Runner Up: Debbie Feldman

Download the Music and SFX Bed used in the mock audition below, and lay your own audition in to compare and learn from the winner.


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