003: Guest Rodney Saulsberry - Tongue Twisters, Headphone Technique, Getting Work as a Beginner

On Episode 3, we're joined by guest co-host Rodney Saulsberry, who in addition to being a prominent VO Talent, is also a coach, screen actor, singer, and author. He's written 3 Voice-Over related books which you can check out at the links below, and be sure to check out his website and follow Rodney on Twitter.

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01:56 - Interview with Rodney Saulsberry

22:53 - Performance Question: Are tongue twisters as a vocal warm-up, a waste of time?

26:31 - Audio Question: Is it better to record with headphones on, off, or even one ear on and one ear off?

30:55 - Business Question: How does a beginner VO Talent get work when it seems like many production companies and businesses I reach out to, are looking for experienced talent? From my experience, it seems like a demo means nothing without work experience.


All Things Rodney Saulsberry


Website: www.rodneysaulsberry.com

Twitter: @rodtalks

The Consultants Club

Rodney's VO Offerings

Step Up to the Mic

You Can Bank on Your Voice

Rodney Saulsberry's Tongue Twisters and Vocal Warmups


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