007: Guest John Melley - Conversational Reads, Mixing Music and SFX with VO, Business Management Tools

On Episode 007, we are joined by guest co-host John Melley. John is the Production Director for Boston's award winning* Mix 104.1 (WBMX) as well as an established voice-over talent. John is known throughout the Boston area and nationally for the great character voices he uses in commercials, promotions and announcements. Writing the copy for many of his clients allows him to be creative, using straight or character voices, music and sound effects. John is also the host of The Voice Over Marketing Podcast.

John Melley Voice-Over


01:18 - Interview with John Melley

35:57 - Performance Question: 

Is the “conversational” read style a trend or here to stay?

39:30 - Audio Question: 

What are some good tips or things to keep in mind for mixing music and sound effects with my voice-overs, in case a client asks for these services

48:09 - Business Question:

What are some good tools and software to check out for running a VO business? For things like Bookkeeping, invoicing, job tracking, etc…


All Things John Melley


Website: http://www.johnmelley.com/index.html

John's Production Services: http://www.johnmelley.com/services.html

The Voice Over Marketing Podcast: http://www.voiceovermarketingpodcast.com/

The Voice Over Athlete: http://voiceoverathlete.com/


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