006: Consistency in Long Projects, Live Directed Sessions, Travel Reimbursement & a Home Studio Review


In Episode 006, We'll answer questions about how to keep consistency in your reads for long projects, live directed session options, and standards for reimbursement for expenses during a project. We'll also do a home studio review of one of our listener's audio.



Performance Question: 00:44

What are some ways to keep consistency in long form projects, like audiobooks or long E-Learning narrations?

Audio Question: 04:05

What are the differences between the different options for live directed sessions and which should I be using or making available to clients?

Business Question: 07:55

How do I ask for parking or travel reimbursement from an agent or client? Is there a standard for this?


Audio Review: 10:55

Emily Wylie


Additional Resources:

Live Directed Session Blog Post


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