010: Going Full Time, Sloppy Audio Editing, Cold Call Follow Ups


In Episode 010, we'll discuss making the leap from a part-time talent to a full time talent and the benefits of doing so, as well as artifacts left over from sloppy audio edits, and how to deal with follow ups in regards to cold calling and email marketing.



Performance Question: 01:20

What are the benefits of switching from voice acting part-time to doing so full-time? Obviously it frees you send more auditions per day and meet stricter deadlines as VO gets faster and faster, but does it tend to have any noticeable effect on your performance skills or have any less obvious advantages?

Audio Question: 06:00

Sometimes when an edit is made, there is an audible click that is left over at the edit point, what is this and how can it be removed or avoided?

Business Question: 09:00

If I call a video production company, and they give me the info email address to email my demos to for the first time, and then I send it off, how do you suggest following up in a couple of weeks to see if they have received your demos. Do I call or do I email that info address again because they never officially gave me the name of a person.



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