011: Live Sessions, Noise Floors, Bookkeeping


In Episode 011, We'll discuss the reasons why clients like Live Directed Sessions and how to offer them, What a Noise Floor is, what yours should be, and how to improve yours, as well as Bookkeeping and what data and information to track for your business.



01:10 - Performance Question:

Why, specifially, do clients want directed (phone patch) sessions? Is the major reason to get the timing right so there is less audio engineer time to pay for? Is it to get it done quicker? Is it to eleminate retakes? Is it to try the read with the music? All of the above? What is the USUAL reason? How does recording it themselves (Source Connect) provide an advantage?


06:25 - Audio Question:

What do you recommend for a floor noise setting?" I try to only do my auditions during quieter outside times, but it is a challenge and I still have a terrible time getting rid of the noise.


11:25 - Business Question:

What book keeping software is most appropriate for running a voice business?



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