013: Guest John Florian - Versatility as a Pro Talent, Selecting a Mic, How to go Full-Time

On Episode 013, Guest Co-Host John Florian Joins the show. John is the creator of VoiceOverXtra, a leading online publication for the Voice-Over Community, featuring articles, blogs, podcasts, webinars and more great content and resources for VO Talent. John and I discuss ongoing education as a talent, networking, versatility, how to select a mic, steps to take to go full-time and more.

John Florian Voice-Over



00:51 - Interview with John Florian

19:54 - Performance Question: 

How many different read styles or types of voice-over should a professional talent be able to perform? Is it ok to just have one or two strengths or do you need a broader skillset to make a full-time career?

 23:37 - Audio Question: 

With so many different microphone options and advice on gear out there, what’s a good process for a talent to use when selecting a Mic?

 27:20 - Business Question:

If I wish to go full-time what are the key steps to take?


All Things John Florian


VoiceOverXtra: https://www.voiceoverxtra.com/


Additional Links:

Voice-Over Legal Book: https://www.voiceoverxtra.com/ebook.htm

Dan Lenard: http://www.homevoiceoverstudio.com/


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