012: Guest Marc Scott - Getting into Character, Home Studio Audio, Keeping in Touch with Clients

On Episode 012, Guest Co-Host Marc Scott joins the show to discuss Marketing, Getting into Character, Home Studio Audio Quality, and ways to stay on the radar of clients and prospects. Marc is a professional VO Talent who has voiced projects for clients including PetSmart, Sprint, Verizon and many more. Marc is also a VO Coach and offers many courses and free resources for VO Talent.

Marc Scott Voice Over



01:04 - Interview with Marc Scott

31:36 - Performance Question: 

What are some good ways to “Get into character” before a read, so that I avoid just being slightly different versions of the same person in every audition and job I record?

 36:06 - Audio Question: 

Who can I contact or how can I ensure that the audio quality from my home studio is up to a competitive level?

 40:48 - Business Question:

What’s a good system for keeping on the radar of prospects and leads, without getting annoying and becoming bothersome? It feels awkward to just reach out every few months with nothing to really say other than “hey just a reminder you can hire me!”


All Things Marc Scott


Website: http://marcscottvoiceover.com/

Marc Scott Coaching: https://www.marcscottcoaching.com/

Email: Marc@MarcScottVoiceover.com


Additional Links:

Antland Productions: http://www.antlandproductions.com/

George Whittam: http://www.georgethe.tech/

Dan Lenard: http://www.homevoiceoverstudio.com/

Dan Friedman: https://sound4vo.com/



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