004: In Person Sessions, Punch & Roll, Advanced Lead Searching & a Mock Audition


In Episode 004, we answer questions about auditions and jobs that take place in-studio, Punch & Roll techniques, and advanced methods of prospecting and finding niche leads, as well as review a Mock Audition



Performance Question: 00:48

What are tips or things to keep in mind for auditions or jobs that take place in person?

Audio Question: 04:50

What is Punch and Roll and how can I do this?

Business Question: 08:30

Can you describe a search procedure for finding agencies or production companies that market to a certain community or demographic?

Mock Audition Review: 11:14

Rogerson Athletics - Documentary Narration


Founded in 1973, Rogerson Athletics began as a humble sporting goods store on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Brothers Jim and Phillip Rogerson, both lifelong athletes, started the shop with the hope of providing a convenient location for athletes of all experience levels to find the exact gear they needed. Fast forward to today, and Rogerson Athletics has grown to over 100 store locations across the US and Canada - becoming synonymous with quality sports and recreational equipment.


Winning Audition: Brad Vinikow - https://www.bradsvo.com/

Produced Audition

Music and Effects Bed



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