005: Guest Dave Courvoisier - Lack of Direction, Editing Dry Recordings, Business Name vs. Your Real Name


In Episode 005, we're joined by guest co-host Dave Courvoisier. Dave is a professional Voice-over talent and News Anchor with over 30 years of experience, as well as an established author and blogger. Dave also serves as one of the founders of WoVo, the World Voices Organization.

Dave Courvoisier VO Voice-Over




01:15 - Interview with Dave Courvoisier


17:18 - Performance Question

It is very difficult to judge when to deliver a script in the current 'deadpan' laid-back read that is currently the trend. There is always the danger of delivering a boring VO ("He just read the line.  No emotion.  No effort!) The few hints given on P2P sites are insufficient.  My question is this: "Do the big, professionals get more hints, info and direction from the clients for their reads?

20:47 - Audio Question

What things should be edited from a Dry Recording when submitting on a P2P Website (Breaths, etc…)

23:25 - Business Question

Should I develop a business name or brand for my VO Career? Or just use my real name?


All things Dave Courvoisier

Website: https://courvo.com/

Blog: https://courvo.com/blog

"More than Just a Voice" Book: https://courvo.com/more-than-just-a-voice

World-Voices Organization (WOVO): https://www.world-voices.org/ 



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